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Titchfield, Land to the East of Southampton Road

Site information


  • Fareham Borough Council

  • 105 homes

  • 3.31 hectares (8.2 acres)

  • New public open space and a children’s play area

  • 40% affordable housing (42 units)


Main Planning Issues

  • Access onto a dual carriageway

  • Highways

  • Nitrogen

  • Ecology

  • Local Gap

  • 5 year housing land supply

  • Comprehensive development


Reside promoted 3.31 hectares of land off Southampton Road, Titchfield for residential development.

An application was submitted in January 2018 to Fareham Borough Council and a resolution to grant planning for 105 homes was achieved in December 2018. 

The site was a draft allocation in the emerging local plan and Reside ensured we were the first phase of a larger allocation of circa 400 homes.

The key to unlocking the site was achieving a new access onto the existing dual carriageway, which was in the process of being upgraded and was not initially the council’s preferred point of access. The main time delay related to the ‘nitrogen’ issue. Shortly after achieving a resolution to grant consent Natural England imposed an embargo on any new residential consents being issued until the biological impact of additional nitrogen entering protected habitats could be mitigated.

New housing increases the human population, and as a result there would have been be a natural increase in nitrogen from waste water. Reside worked closely with the Warnford Estate and their agent to secure one of the first ‘nitrogen off-setting mitigation schemes’, which finally allowed the planning consent to be issued. As part of the Section 106 process, and in addition to communicating with the local authority Reside also had in depth discussions with Hampshire CC, Winchester CC, Natural England and the South Downs National Park, as the mitigation scheme was outside the borough council’s jurisdiction.

The site was sold to Vivid Homes in 2020

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