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Horsmonden, Land West of Maidstone Road

Site information


  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

  • 17 new properties including three and four 4 bedroom houses and 6 affordable homes.

  • 0.55 hectares (1.36 acres)

  • New public open space

  • 35% affordable housing (6 units)


Main Planning Issues


  • Landscape  

  • Ecology 

  • Heritage Design

  • 5 year housing land supply 

  • Outside the built-up area and not allocated in the emerging or adopted local plan 

Reside promoted a small site of 0.55 hectares of land to the West of Maidstone Road for residential development.

An application was submitted in March 2017 to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and a resolution to grant planning for 17 homes was achieved in August 2017. 

Reside achieved permission by overcoming a number of constraints and working with the local authority to address concerns on matters such as landscape, ecology, heritage and design. Despite being located outside the built-up area boundary, planning was granted locally at committee, due to the council being unable to demonstrate that they had a 5 year housing land supply.

The site was sold to Esquire Developments in February 2018.

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