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Funtley, Land North & South of Funtley Road

Site information


  • Fareham Borough Council

  • One site split into two parcels, one for 27 units and the other for 55/125 units

  • 0.96 hectares (2.4 acres) and 5.98/6.09 hectares (14.8/15 acres)

  • New community park, public open space and a children’s play area

  • New footpath link across the M27

  • New community building incorporating a local shop/community facility

  • 40% affordable housing (11 and 22/50 units)


Main Planning Issues


  • Landscape/topography (south site mainly)

  • Highways

  • Nitrogen

  • Ancient Woodland & a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation)

  • 5-year housing land supply

  • Drainage

  • Sustainability

Reside promoted about 7 hectares (17 acres) of land for residential development known as land north and south of Funtley Road together with a further 9.9 hectares (24.5 acres) for a new community park.

Land north of Funtley Road

An application was submitted on the ‘north’ parcel in September 2017 to Fareham Borough Council and a resolution to grant planning for 27 homes was achieved in June 2018.

The site was a draft allocation in the emerging local plan.

Both this application and the original application on the south parcel were submitted together with an application for a new public footpath which will connect both new developments to north Fareham via an existing private bridge over the M27 which was previously closed to the public. This was essential to help connectivity and improve sustainability for new and existing residents close to the new developments.

The site was sold to Vivid Homes in April 2020.

Land south of Funtley Road

In line with the draft allocation in the local plan, an application was submitted on the ‘south’ parcel in January 2018 to Fareham Borough Council and a resolution to grant planning for 55 homes together with a local shop was achieved in July 2018.

The above application was submitted to accord with the draft allocation and to secure a planning consent but it did not make best use of the proposed developable area and therefore in October 2020 a new application was submitted for 125 homes, still including the local shop and new community park.

Both applications were submitted in parallel with a further application for a community park of 9.9 hectares.

Issues common to both schemes


The ‘nitrogen’ issue delayed the planning permission being issued and took over 18 months to resolve. Shortly after achieving consent on the north parcel and a resolution to grant consent on the south parcel Natural England imposed an embargo on any new residential consents being issued/implemented until the biological impact of additional nitrogen entering protected habitats could be mitigated. New housing increases the population and as a result there is an increase in nitrogen from waste water.

Reside was able to use the large community park area to provide a suitable nitrogen off-setting mitigation scheme, the first in Fareham borough, which finally allowed the planning consents to be issued and the north scheme implemented.

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